James P. Scoptur, formerly of Aiken and Scoptur, recently joined Natasha Misra Law. Since the start of his career, James has worked with clients through some of the most challenging moments of their lives. His personalized attention and caring spirit have helped him recover millions of dollars worth of compensation for his clients. Since 2012, James has been recognized as a “National Top 40 under 40,” which has paved the way for him to join established law firms, like Natasha Misra Law, which has allowed him to take on a number of personal injury clients. 

When he’s not practicing the law and advocating for his clients, he’s spending time with his wife cooking, hiking, and spending time with their three children. His interests have grown since having children, and shows like Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol are on his watch list. In addition to spending time with his family, he’s actively involved in the Wisconsin Association for Justice, the American Association for Justice, and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. 

Natasha is so excited to welcome James to her practice. 

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There are thousands of motorcycle accidents each year in Wisconsin. In 2020, motorcycles were involved in 2,104 reported accidents, resulting in several injuries and 112 fatalities. 

While there are many causes of motorcycle crashes, the most common is careless driving. Motorcycles share the road with negligent and reckless drivers, so when a vehicle makes a wrong turn in front of an approaching motorcycle, it can cause a dangerous situation for both drivers.

If another negligent driver causes the accident, following these steps can result in a better outcome for your case: 

  • Call the police: Following a Wisconsin motorcycle accident, you should call the police immediately. Even if it was a minor accident or you do not feel much pain, you will want the incident to be documented in a detailed accident report from the police. Proper documentation of statements and police reports is important as they can be used in the claims process.
  • Collect evidence: If you are able to document evidence from the accident scene, you should do so. Take photos of the motorcycle and all other vehicles involved in the accident. Talk to witnesses and get their contact information if they are willing to testify in your case. 
  • Get medical treatment: You should seek medical treatment for your injuries following the accident.  If you fail to get medical treatment soon after the crash, you may end up dealing with pain and other complications down the road. Remember to keep a record of all the expenses and receipts as they can help if you decide to take legal action.
  • File an insurance claim: Call your insurance company to inform them about the accident so you can start filing a claim.

What Not to Do Following a Motorcycle Crash

  • Do not admit fault at the scene: No matter the accident you are involved in, you should never admit fault. Let law enforcement investigate the accident and determine what happened.
  • Do not assume things: Even if you think it’s a minor accident, there might be injuries or damages that don’t reveal themselves until much later.
  • Do not sign anything:  Insurance companies may send you documents to sign such as medicals authorizations.  You should consult an attorney before signing anything in order to understand your options and rights.  
  • Do not accept offers from insurance companies: Usually, insurance companies offer a certain amount for your injuries, and it’s not surprising that they will make unfair deals to lower the worth of your claim. Let your attorney negotiate with these companies to ensure you get fair compensation.

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Natasha Misra

My law practice is dedicated to helping people who have suffered injuries in accidents which were not their fault. Born and raised in Milwaukee, I come from a family of medical professionals. My background and experience help me understand and represent individuals injured in accidents.