After a motorcycle accident, the decision to repair or replace your motorcycle depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the severity of the crash. Your bike may suffer minor damages such as dents and scratches or be totaled during an accident. Whether you file a claim with your insurance carrier, the other driver’s insurer, or pay for repairs out of your pocket depends on the extent of the damages and who was responsible for the accident.

If you are in a roll-over or run-off-road accident and the motorcycle has minor damages, replacing the whole bike may be unnecessary. Instead, you might want to get it repaired. However, if you are involved in a more serious collision, your motorcycle may be totaled.  Regardless of whether your motorcycle is repairable or totaled, you should file a claim with your insurance company or the at fault party’s insurance company to seek compensation.  

Motorcycle Safety Inspection Checklist after An Accident

Checking your motorcycle thoroughly after a crash is essential as it helps you identify the slightest damages. You should not ride the motorcycle home if you notice significant damages after an accident. Instead, you should have it towed to a repair shop for a full evaluation of the damage.

However, if your only option is to ride your motorcycle home after a collision (and you believe it is safe to do so) it is best to conduct a motorcycle safety inspection to ensure a safe ride. Here is an essential checklist:

  • Tires – Check the motorcycle tires for cuts and gushes and ensure the tread is in good shape to help keep the bike moving.
  • Roll your motorcycle – Roll the bike forward and backward to identify any strange rattling or crunching noises. Strange sounds could be an indicator of significant damages from the accident.
  • Brakes – You should also inspect your brake system for impairments that could impact your ability to brake.
  • Motorbike controls – It helps to check if the bike controls are all intact to allow you to control your motorbike as usual. Perform a visual check to ensure the clutch and foot controls are still effective.
  • Lights and signals – These tools are vital since they help show other road users your intentions on the road. Therefore, you should ensure your lights and signals are all working before hitting the road.

Repair It vs. Replace It

Ultimately, the decision to repair or replace your motorcycle depends on the extent of the damage.  For example, you could choose to take it to a repair shop where the repair costs will be sent to the insurance adjuster.  Alternatively, the insurance company may declare your bike totaled and compensate you with its actual cash value.

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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may wonder if you have a right to a rental motorcycle.

The simple answer is that you are entitled to a rental motorcycle if your motorcycle was damaged due to another driver’s negligence. Additionally, you may have a right to file a compensation claim against the driver involved as long as you were not at fault for the accident and if you sustained serious physical or mental injuries.

What Compensation Are You Entitled To?

If your bike is deemed repairable after a crash, you can be compensated for the “loss of use damages” for the period it is in the garage. This could be financial compensation from the other driver’s insurance company to cover motorcycle rental costs. On the other hand, if your motorcycle is totaled following a crash, the insurance carrier must pay for a rental motorbike from the date of the accident until you get the total loss check.

The Insurance Company Won’t Inform You of Your Right to a Rental Motorcycle

The other party’s insurance company may not tell you that you are entitled to a rental motorcycle. This is because the company may want to maximize savings by renting a car instead of a motorcycle. The average cost of renting a car is significantly cheaper – about $30 per day, whereas a rental motorcycle can cost up to $150 a day.

The best way to navigate your case is by hiring a Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney like Natasha Misra of Natasha Misra Law to help assess your case and establish fair compensation for your damages.

You are Entitled to Motorcycle Loss of Use Compensation, Even If You Do Not Rent One

The “loss of use” compensation is defined under Wisconsin law, which demands that a vehicle owner has a right to seek compensation for the damages and loss of property, regardless of whether the owner rents or does not rent a replacement vehicle. Therefore, even if you don’t rent a replacement motorcycle, you can demand that the at-fault party’s insurance provider compensate you for the cost of a rental motorcycle.

Suppose the rental coverage is $120 per day, and your motorcycle is in the shop for 15 days. In that case, the at-fault driver’s insurer will compensate you $120x15 days =$1,800.

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